The Genesis


First off, I want to take a moment and pour some liquor to the curb for the homie Pick and Pop. The site had a hell of a run, and at the end of the day, we hope my partner in crime Colin Donohue gave you a couple “Lololol’s” at the most inconvenient times (reading in the library, during a meeting, next to a nosy neighbor on the subway, etc.).

But it’s on to new horizons. Welcome to my brand new site:

The origin is simple: for the majority of my life, my last name has been butchered… “Cheret”, “Sharot”, etc… sometimes people actually get the hard part (that the “t” is silent), and they still mess it up. I’ve been called Justin “Cheerio”.

But, a quick lesson: “Shuh-row”. Yes, I realize that people of French descent may highly disagree, but it’s the way my family has always pronounced it… and if you know Mrs. Cherot, you know that she’s never wrong. About anything.

What are you going to get here? The obvious is hoops analysis, because that’s what most of you know me for. But I don’t want to necessarily put this site in a box. Pretty much anything that pops into this Size 7 head will splurt out onto these pages.

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages coming soon. And you’re welcome.

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