“T” is Silent College Hoops, NBA and Election Podcast: 11-13-16

In the early favorite for Understatement of the Century, last week—specifically last Tuesday—was pretty eventful.

Seemed like a good time for Big Hak and I to drop a podcast!

We touched on a lot of stuff, including

  • Mike Krzyzewski vs. John Calipari
  • Jake Layman (!!!)
  • Derrick Rose‘s rape trial
  • Why James Harden may be the best point guard in the NBA
  • Our own Mannequin Challenge
  • The social implications of Nov. 8

You’ll see releases of the individual videos later, but for now this is the podcast in its entirety. However, if you don’t want to listen to us talk for an hour and ten minutes straight, here’s some help.

If you want to avoid my awkward dabbing and get right into college hoops, fast forward to 1:40.

Hate college hoops and want to hear our early impressions of the NBA? Skip to 12:45… and prepare for a two minute rant on Layman.

Finally, want to hear maybe our last political piece ever? Fast forward to precisely 43:57. As a disclaimed, I hate politics in general. That said, left, right or indifferent, I think there’s value in the conversation.

Don’t want to wait until I take forever to post these to my website? Subscribe to my YouTube channel and get it delivered directly to your phone, laptop or other device.

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