“T” is Silent Podcast for 11-27-16: Best College Hoops Point Guard Prospects, NBA MVP Candidates and “Jive Turkeys”


Killa KeemG “Dot” Fury and I chopped it up for an hour and 12 minutes, discussing a variety of hoops topics.

The Cliff Notes

  • I talked about Maryland’s enthralling (but scary) 7-0 start. Fury tried to tell me that Justin Jackson is essentially a non-factor in the eyes of NBA scouts. Maybe he’s right, since North Carolina’s Justin Jackson shows up in almost every inquiry.
  • Keem, Fury and I discussed the top college basketball prospects and who the Dallas Mavericks should pick because they suckohmyGod. This was the first of Fury’s many Oscar Robertson moments.
  • I mentioned a potential DeMarcus Cousinsdeal to my Mavericks. Keem scoffed at it. Fury almost said he’d rather have Bradley Beal than Cousins, but then he sobered up.
  • We discussed players NBA teams weren’t “thankful” for. Keem hates Trey Burke.
  • We talked about playoff races and NBA MVP candidates. UPDATE: Russell Westbrook is now averaging a triple double.
  • We ended talking about Zach LaVine‘s sick dunk(s).

Since we’re so multi-platform, I decided to embed both the video and audio from Sunday’s podcast. If you aren’t subscribed to both, you’re losing at life. Big time.

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