The Friday Thread: 2/10/17


Admittedly, it’s not a new idea. The whole “email exchange” bit has been either stolen or handed down from just about every gimmicky sportswriter or blogger ever.

It’s just that Killa Keem and I haven’t done it… until now.

Keem (9:16 PM EST, 2/9/17)

Please take a look at the shot chart for Otto Porter.

J (9:39 AM, 2/10/17… because I actually sleep sometimes)

That shot chart, though.

Since League Pass has a local block, and also since they haven’t been on national TV that much, I would pretty much have to defer to you as the resident Wizards’ fan: should they pay him big money?

The short answer is easy: obviously. He cans open shots, and he defends well. 3 and D guys are all the rage.

Fiscally, could they get a dude for cheaper or develop Kelly Oubre and get 75-80% of the same? That’s the bigger question.

Keem (10:27 AM)

The funny thing about that is my initial thought is “yes” but then you pull back and say “who in the league shoots above average on every single position of the floor including at the rim and 3” and the answer is “Prime Dirk” and KD. Not saying he is either of those guys but if someone shows a truly elite skill offensively like that then you MIGHT have more then just a role player. Case and point Harden (crazy efficiency as a 6th man at OKC), and Barnes (last year their advanced stats were almost exactly the same). How different is Porter vs someone like Jabari Parker (RIP his ACL)? You bump that usage rate up he might get to 20 ppg.

At the beginning of the year I would’ve said “cheaper and develop Oubre”. But that shot chart……. If I were him I would make a billboard of that beautiful green thing and post it outside Ernie’s office underneath a sign that said “Eff you Pay me”.

J (11:08 AM)

I think Otto is in a perfect spot as a potential elite third guy.
Here’s a question, though: as currently situated, the Wiz are definitely a Top 4 squad, maybe even arguable the East’s second best team. But, as currently constructed, I don’t think you guys can beat the Cavs.

Which begs the question: do you think at some point they shop Beal to get a better No. 2 or 1A (this is the unsaid “Boogie” question)?

Keem (11:58 Am)

I agree. And its the mini max not the LeBron max.

I don’t think the Wiz can beat the Cavs. But…. Beal and Porter are both 23 Oubre is 21 they will continue to improve. Don’t you think if you improve the bench to say the level of Toronto (aka a good backup pg productive athletic wings and strong backup center) that they couldn’t take 4 from the Cavs a year or from now?  Depth wise the Cavs are slowly turning into the 2014 Heat.

The only people who are on the “trademarket” I trade Beal for is DeMarcus Cousins and Paul George (I would take future Beal over Jimmy Butler). I don’t think you trade someone who fits so well with your best player, is so young, and is taking a leap as a top 30 player in the NBA. Also, frankly I don’t know if I would take Boogie.. Does he even know how to play on a winning team? How is the best center in the NBA not capable of EVER winning even 35 games? There’s a lot of noise with that.

If I take the same class for 5 years and I keep failing at some point its more then just my teachers.

J (12:57 PM)

Speaking of the same class for five years, what the hell are the Knicks going to do with Carmelo Anthony? Either that, or what do they do with Phil Jackson? You got Spike Lee willing to help pack bags, and Charles Oakley creating World Star Hip Hop videos.

Something has to give, right? I’d make the argument that both ‘Melo AND Jackson have created an unfixable mess in New York, and that the Knicks would be better off without both of them.

Keem (2:06 PM)

First off… Melo didn’t create the mess. He’s just who the mess revolves around. He’s been shockingly professional about every single random shot the Phil throws at him along with all the rumors. Having said that he’s gotta go from a basketball standpoint because his timeline isn’t even close to that of Porzingis. Although there is definitely a world where they could be on the same winning team (draft a good pg, bring in a nice young sg with an athletic wing… throw “the Zinger” at C and Melo at PF suddenly that’s a good team).

Phil has to go because he’s just a bad GM and a worse lead team executive. Culture trickles down from the top and when things just happen over and over no matter how unrelated they seem its not a coincidence. Its coming from Phil and Dolan.

J (3:02 PM)

Phil’s done precisely one good thing: drafting, Kristaps Porzingis, or, as you call him, “Young ‘Taps”. He’s stumbled at just about every other turn. It’s amazing how quickly a sound basketball mind fell off.

I’m actually shocked that ‘Melo is handling everything so well, even if he’s lacks some self-awareness. Let’s be real: he’s not a real “star” anymore, and guys like him are usually the last ones to realize it. We talked about this on the pod, but I really think the Clippers are a good landing spot… preferably without impacting the Big 3, but even if the Clips dump Blake Griffin, playing ‘Melo at the four frees up all sorts of space for DeAndre Jordan.

If you were Doc Rivers, would you do it?

Keem (3:13 PM)

Do you really think his sound basketball mind fell off? He was never in charge of team building. Additionally all of the media games he used to play he can’t play now because he’s not the coach. He doesn’t have that same personal relationship he had with them so it just does not come off the same.It comes off completely different when your CEO says something sideways to you versus your department manager.

I think ‘Melo is generally the same guy he’s always been but the teams around him have gotten exponentially worse. This team is not close to as good as a single Nuggets team he was on.

I make the trade if I’m Doc. They wouldn’t be giving up Griffen. Supposedly the offer is centered around  Austin Rivers… Seriously….. Also the Clips have weirdly still struggled with Blake but no Chris Paul.

J (3:30 PM)

Maybe “fell off” is the wrong phrase. More like he’s been unwilling to adapt. Despite not being on the sideline or around the team on a daily basis, he insists because the triangle worked IN A DIFFERENT ERA with the IDEAL PERSONNEL that it’ll work in any sitch. Think about it: how many current big guys can thrive in the triangle?

Keem (4:09 PM)

That’s a better phrase. Phil clings to the triangle like its a religion and that’s not even an exaggeration. I think you could create a “triangle team” but it would have to revolve around a Lebron, KD, Harden. Those types of players who have the extreme gravity to have the offense revolve completely around them. THEN you would have to find a bunch of additional players who can fill in and smartly play off those guys. Basically, 90% of the league it just wouldn’t work with.

It actually leads to the question of what WOULD actually work with the Knicks? What do they have to do to not be a dumpster fire?

J (4:25 PM)

  1. Trade ‘Melo, even if it’s for $.50–.75 on a dollar.
  2. Try to get SOMETHING for Rose, but at the same time maybe they just let it ride since that’s a big contract coming off the books.
  3. Use the second half of the year to let Young ‘Taps learn how to be “The Man”
  4. No. 3 could result in them bottoming out. Draft one of the three or four REALLY GOOD point guards in this draft.
  5. Make Otto Porter an offer he can’t refuse.

Slightly related, did you realize that today is the five-year anniversary of Jeremy Lin dropping 38 after Kobe pretended to not know who he was?

Keem (4:52 PM)

Honestly at this point it’s gonna be for a first rounder and a mid-level prospect.
Completely agree with Rose and them going after Porter. The problem is with this obvious “tanking” strategy is that they are nowhere close to bottom 3 even if they got REALLY bad. I think they have to clear out that cap space and see if you can get some “buy low” guys see if you can hit on one then tank next yr  overpay a rookie extension guy (like Porter) then just make a solid move for a Robin Lopez type.

Then you suddenly have about 4 guys who can all develop into a solid team by year 2.
J (5:24 PM)

What happens first: ‘Melo leaves, or someone catches the “Cash Me Ousside Girl” outside?

How ’bout dah?

(Note: Keem hasn’t responded yet… proof that this girl can ruin anything.)

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