About Justin Cherot


If you stumbled upon this site by accident, congratulations: you just made the best mistake of your life!

Here’s a little background on me, Justin Cherot

I may look like a millennial with my young-looking facial features. Some days I might even dress like one. Hell, I even have a #runningmanchallenge video in the works. But, don’t let the dashing “take your daughter to prom” looks fool you: I’m (gulp) 34, and basketball has been a part of my life ever since I first played Jordan vs. Bird on my Nintendo… not Wii, not N64, not even Super NES… my Nintendo. Older heads than me are probably scoffing at that comment, like, “Back in my day, there were no gaming systems where I could use Oscar Robertson.” They get a slow clap, but the moral here is that I’ve been watching hoops for more two and a half decades.

It also helps that I played a bit… not that great and not at a super-high level (high school), but I played, damnit. I understand match-ups, offensive and defensive sets, fundamentals of efficient basketball, teammate dynamics, etc. Also, with the bump in the importance of three-point shooting, as a shooter I understand the value in being able to stretch the floor. In fact, I’m in the midst of playing in an over-30 league now, and I fully understand my role: take pressure off of our bigs by knocking down 45–50% of my threes. Lastly, I actually have one season of coaching experience under my belt: when my daughter was eight, I guided her team to a 6–2 record, and may have been the only coach in the league with a clipboard and an intelligent rotation.

Many people (at least two) have told me I have a penchant for writing that Times New Roman or Calibri crack, and I did attain my piece of paper from Towson University (B.A. in Mass Communications with a Journalism and New Media concentration). Currently, I’m a web content manager for a digital marketing company providing solutions to clients in a myriad of fields. Previously I worked for a sports “consulting” firm (you can use your imagination in regards to what “sports consultation” consisted of) where I did some content management and contributed to advertising campaigns. Didn’t work out, but the experience was invaluable.  In the past, I’ve interned with The Baltimore Sun (you can Google some of my work), and I’ve previously blogged here, here, and most recently here. I’ve freelanced for other websites as well.

Lastly, I know you can go anywhere for hoops/sports/life content (don’t be thrown off if you see a random poker post), but what I’m counting on is that my dry wit intertwined with hard-hitting hoops analysis will keep you coming back. Every now and then, just to break up the monotony, I may have a guest blogger come in and write about a subject of his or her choice (you know, because I’m an equal opportunity opportunity-giver).

So there you are. More posts are on their way. I obviously encourage you to subscribe, but just in case you miss anything, my page on Facebook and Twitter account should keep you up to date.

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