About Killa Keem AKA Big Hak


I’m that guy who is “not Justin”. By that I mean it is unlikely you will read a poker reference, any reference to my non-existent daughter and when I play basketball you will probably never see me shoot a 30 footer off the dribble (I wouldn’t make it… He does).

Having said all of that, I have been in love with basketball since I first realized that if I ran really really fast I could score more lay ups then other kids. I love basketball because it’s the REAL “beautiful” game (soccer reference). Basketball is freakin’ DEEP and I love diving into it. I’m not a fan of “hot takes”, but I do love emotion. You will see numbers from me because as the young street poet, Yo Gott, says “numba’s don lie”. I appreciate taking off multiple layers of the onion and finding out the WHY things happen not just the “what”. You will probably know you’re reading “bighak” or “killakeem” if an article gets increasingly sarcastic, body language is being analyzed, player psychology and team philosophy is mentioned. That doesn’t sound too fun, but I can promise some original ideas, funny observations and probably some left field theories caused by reading too much Malcolm Gladwell.

Please be sure to comment and interact so don’t get a big head and think I’m killing it.